We are subject to various PRC national and local environmental laws and regulations related to our operations. We believe that it is important and essential to protect the environment. For this reason, we have in place environmental protection policies for discharge of all of our wastes generated during our production process.

We have obtained the pollutant emission permit for waste water and gas and ensured all waste water and gas generated during our production process is safely handled according to national safety standards before external discharge. The operation of our machines also generated noise which is within acceptable regulatory standards.

During the two years period in 2015 and 2016, we have commissioned a third party waste disposal company to handle/dispose of certain toxic liquid and solid waste (such as emulsion and mineral oils), which, under PRC laws and regulations, are required to be handled by a waste disposal specialist.




We take work safety seriously in our Cosbe Facility and have established measures to promote work safety and to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We provide our employees with work safety trainings, including the safety operation of production machineries and equipment and procedures associated with the dangerous chemicals, to promote the importance of and to raise the awareness of work safety among our employees and ensure all our employees are familiar with the applicable laws and policies and the necessary procedures to be followed in order to prevent work safety hazard.

We have established a series of safety guidelines, rules and procedures for different aspects of our production activities, including chemicals handling and storage, fire safety, electricity safety, work-related injuries and emergency and evacuation procedures. We have installed appropriate fire safety equipment.

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